Pathfinder - Don't do what Dennis does.


There's snow and melees! PLURAL.

I was told I didn’t need to be all storyteller-ish when I did this so I’m just going to fucking write what happened all colloquially n shit. Enjoy.

So we get to Helgrim, meet White Estrid and we meet her awesome pet linwyrm.
As it turns out Estrid is on a campaign to become QUEEN (hells yes) of the Land of the Linnorm Kings (Queens) and has all the other jarls beaten. The last one, however, used poison (like an asshole) and gave her a severe limp, despite being defeated himself.
She intends to challenge Sveinn Bloodeagle, jarl of Karlsgard and the only remaining obstacle to having the entirety of the holdfasts under her control.
Sveinn, like a jerk, has been besieged for months, but neither side is able to break the siege and it doesn’t show signs of swinging either way anytime soon. Estrid’s strategy? Challenge the fucker to a duel to the death.
Problem. Estrid is wounded. Remember the poison?
When we arrive, she is about to hold a tournament to select her champion to challenge Sveinn. The contenders…are, well, they’re limp fucking noodles.
The tournament is a test of martial skill and strength—no magic of any kind is allowed.
No problem.
We have a werewolf.
Rayweth outright destroys the ccompetition, becomes White Estrid’s champion, is gifted a badass spear as an official seal of office as the soon-to-be-queen’s champion, and we move to Karlsgard to break that fuckin’ siege.
No pressure, Ray.



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