Rayweth Veermont

The too-loud, too-proud, terribly under-educated werewolf.




A young spitfire of a werewolf, Rayweth is bold, loud, brave, and loyal – but no one ever said she was smart.


Rayweth is close to a walking stereotype for the much-shunned natural lycanthrope. She’s crass, rude, loud, and has an apparent disdain for the classic educational system, but she’s smart enough to see the value in using her rare birthright for good.

She’s perfectly okay with leaving the more “scholastic” parts of their adventuring to her cohorts, but she’s eager to see the world, and is always happy to do any heavy lifting. She would die a hundred times over for her friends, and a part of her wants to play lycanthrope-peacekeeper with the other cursed beings they come across in their adventures (though those situations rarely – if ever – turn out well).

The sad thing is that she’s well aware of how unpalatable she is as a person, which is why she deeply values the small handful of people she can call friends. Deep down, she yearns for respect – something that’s near-impossible to get as most see her for the monster she’s capable of becoming, rather than the akward, scared teenager she is.


Rayweth was born a natural lycanthrope from her father’s side. Her father, a Pathfinder, feels guilt in passing his curse onto his daughter, but Ray is a tough girl, so he tries to help where and when he can. Her mother is missing, and presumed deceased, though there is no current proof to sustain that.

Mr. Veermont, knowing the challenges of not only raising a child as a Pathfinder himself, but raising a werewolf, submitted his daughter to the Pathfinder guild in Absalom to give her the necessary resources and head start she would need to grow up happy and healthy. Rayweth was raised by the general child care workers in the on-site orphanage; she has no single favourite or any deep emotional attachment to any of them, though she adores her father, who comes back to visit every few months.

Being the only werewolf who was raised in the current generation of Pathfinders, Rayweth always felt a persistent loneliness as there was no one she could really connect to and confide with – hence the total adoration and admiration of her father. She understands power, and she understands might, and while she was quite a handful (still is, really) she has no interest in bullying people to side with her – she vastly preferred to keep to herself, though if anyone showed passing interest in talking to her she would lash out as she knew how to do little else. Being a natural lycanthrope meant people stayed far away from her, and if they approached, it was usually to mock – sometimes even attack.

When she met the people she currently travels with, life changed vastly for the better. She’s still terrible at socializing, but knowing that there are a few people who genuinely like having her around has given her a great sense of worth – something she lacked before.

Rayweth, while being an overall loudmouth, is devastatingly shy when it comes to anything of the romantic persuasion. Anyone showing any kind of romantic or sexual interest will send her running to the hills, as she has zero idea how to proceed (much less show any herself). She loves eating meat, pastries, and sharp cheddar cheese, and dislikes water, and overpowering senses (things that are loud, smelly, etc).

Rayweth Veermont

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