Pathfinder - Don't do what Dennis does.


Or the dark below. It's dark, is the point.

So Rayweth, championing White Estrid, and her gallant companions make our way to Karlsgard to challenge Sveinn Bloodeagle for his throne, lands, and holdings.

No wonder this place hasn’t been taken in months. because it’s a fucking fortress.
We land, and the challenge is sounded, and out comes a massive motherfucker of a tiefling.
He talked a lot of shit, even going so far to open-mouth laugh at Rayweth’s diminutive size.
Funnily enough, the laughing stopped when she wolfed out.
Within moments, she had skewered him through the jaw, and Bloodeagle’s men surrendered.
The siege was broken.

Only one thing left to do.

The key to the door in the middle of the tundra was given as a final gift from White Estrid, and we continued on with a guide from her to show us the way.

We board the airship and make the journey over the snowcapped forests to the tundra where the doors lay.
We’re pretty sure we’re prepared for the Underdark, but anything could happen. We tell the crew to wait for us as long as their rations would hold out—two weeks—and if we’re not back by then, make for home. We’re either dead or behind schedule, and we’ll make it back some other way.

With that, we say goodbye to the sun and sky and begin the descent.

Hours in, we’re seeing species of lichens and rock formations that have never seen daylight before. Some parts of the cave are smaller than others, and obviously haven’t seen much traffic. At one point we have to crawl on hands and knees, but still we go deeper.



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